Slicing short-sleeved frog suit outdoor tactical netting jacket special soldier camouflage suit

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Product introduction
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    • 产品信息
    • Name: Three generations of spliced short-sleeved frog suits
    • Brand: MZSB
    • Cargo number: AKK1
    • Color: black, military green, black Python, digital desert, dark camouflage, CP
    • Product Indices
    • Thickness index: & nbsp; & nbsp;convention
    • Softness index:soft
    • Elastic index:Microprojectile
    • 产品特点
    • Product features: simple design, cotton fabrics! Feel comfortable and delicate! Three-dimensional close-fitting tailoring, layout! Fashion sports and outdoor survival development are suitable for wearing! Durable and wearable!
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  • Camouflage, made of synthetic chemical fibers, is not only superior to the original cotton cloth in visible light reconnaissance, but also due to the addition of special chemicals to color dyes. The infrared reflection ability of the camouflage suit is similar to that of the surrounding scenery, so it has a certain camouflage effect of anti-infrared light reconnaissance. Camouflage has not only been used on sand helmets, vehicles, cannon, aircraft and other equipment are also commonly painted camouflage.
  • Camouflage uniform is a basic type of training uniform. It consists of green, yellow, tea, black and other colors to form an irregular pattern of a new protective color. The camouflage clothes require that the reflected light waves of the clothes are approximately the same as those of the surrounding scenery. They can not only confuse the enemy’s visual reconnaissance, but also deal with infrared reconnaissance, making it difficult for the modern reconnaissance instruments of the enemy to catch targets.

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1 review for Slicing short-sleeved frog suit outdoor tactical netting jacket special soldier camouflage suit

  1. Kim

    This product should have been 5 stars, but I was not satisfied with how the advertisement stated “100% Polyester” and the product that came along was not. It was 60% cotton & 40% polyester. So it has that cotton-like T-shirt feeling, rather than work-out gym shirt feeling. Besides that, no problem!

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