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The Military Exchange is looking to buy your Old Gear, Camouflage, Uniforms, Collectables, and Antiques.

Some Examples Are:


OCPs, ACUs, BDUs, Cammies, Fatigues, Utilitys, Digitals, Marpat, 3 color desert. 6 color desert, NWU. AOR.

Dress uniforms from all Branches from any Era.

Dress Shoes, New Boots, Used Boots, Micky Boots, Muck Lucks, Snow Shoes, Cold Weather, Hot Weather, Corcoran Jump Boots, Jungle Boots, Combat Boots.

Ball Caps, Patrol Caps, 8 point, Operator Caps, Helmets Military or Fireman, Aviator, Steep Pot, WW1 or WW2 Foreign and American, Pith Helmet, Dress Caps, Covers.

Rank and Insignia All Branches , All Eras.


Rucksack, Back Packs, Assault Pack, Map Case, Spare Barrel Bags, Butt Packs, Pouches, Chemical and Gas Mask Bags, Goggles,

Vest, Body Armor, Shovels, E tools, Inert Ordinance, Knives, Swords, Bayonets, Fighting Knives, Trench Knives, Ka Bars, Survival Knives, Pocket Knives, Irish Shaleighlies. Night Sticks, Billy Clubs, Homemade Knives, Stag Knives, Machetes.


Vintage Uniforms, Camouflage, Tee Shirts with Military Slogan, or Destination. Patches, Trench Art, Challenge Coins, Curios and Relics.

Cast Iron; Vintage Skillets, Dutch Ovens, Roasters, Lids, Stoves, Tobacco Cutters, Grinders. Cast Iron Pigs, Horses, Deer, Figurines.


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