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MX - State of the Army Navy Store - Mickey Boots

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Military Surplus, the very word Surplus is misleading it implies an abundance. In todays Surplus world it is more like Antique shopping, My favorite topic for winter is the Mickey Boot, a product of WW2  - But mostly the Cold War Era. When troops were stationed in the Frozen Tundra of Alaska, North Dakota, Korea,Germany and many other NATO, Allied countries. A Rubber Boot with a Bladder and Wool lined, wrapped around the Human foot. The Greatest Extreme Cold Weather Boot ever made. and, not to be repeated in todays world.

 Surplus, the Mickey Boot for the most part has not been manufactured since 1989, leaving its coffers nearly empty by 2014.

 This year I have felt the pinch of trying to obtain a wide variety of sizes. But We Scrimp and Claw our way to a full shelf.  The Black Mickey Boot is good for minus 20 degrees, The White Mickey Boot is good for double that in the worst Winter conditions.

 The Mickey Boot is Traditional and Historical, it also Mythical in its Stories by US Military Men in its ways of Usage.

I have heard one pair of socks is all you need, and they can be your worst pair of cotton, thin, ripped, old gym socks.

Some have told me that its to Hot in there! I don't wear any socks! I hope that person used some type of foot powder.

Others have said " I was told by my Lieutenant to shave while in the field". "I hate to shave with no water, or even cold water" so I poured water into My Mickey Boots, walked the entire perimeter of Foxholes and when I was done the Water was Hot, and I could see the steam, So I enjoyed a comfortable Shave"

 What ever the story, the Unicorn of Boots, this is probably the last year to get a pair of Mickey Boots. and as I always say when dealing with Surplus or Antiques. Don't wait, don't hesitate it won't be there when you come back. as a matter of fact if you already know you like them, buy two pair, put one on the top shelf of your closet, and save it for when the first pair wears out, which will be in about 10  or more years.

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