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State of the Store 2016

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What a year… Business is Steady, and we are still on the Air, in Upstate New York. I added a Podcast on the internet at PodOmatic.com.Hopefully we will be doing more with our Military Talk show. The Team - 105.5 FM, 1310 AM, 1590 AM Brockport Show Airs Saturday Morning 8:00 am and Sunday Morning 9:00 am.

We are moving closer to the Opening of the DD-214 and Laurel Lounge. I hope to have it in full swing by this spring.

I got some excellent advice, from a friend who was in the Knife and Sword Industry for Decades. We added many Knives to our Inventory, Kershaw, Ontario, Ka-Bar, X-8 Tactical, and recently just purchased some very High Quality Collectors Knives. That will be on Display Shortly.

One of My favorite New Additions to the Store Is the Vintage Clothing section. I am very happy to share my collection from decades of picking. We have Jackets, from WW2, Korea, Vietnam, to current day. M65’s to A-1 Goatskin,

Destination Tees, Leather Jump Boots, Wool rich Coats, Wool Pants, Medallions, Jewelry.

So the store is well on its way to looking good and it’s full of Inventory. And when I say it’s looking good, I mean, the shelves are neat and organized, and we have a lot more Displays. We are part Museum and part Store.

Some Products will always be hard to find. This was a terrible year for availability on Micky Boots, 100 % wool Blankets, E-tools. Some have gone up in price. On the other hand if you’re looking to sell any items, we are always buying. All items, within accordance, with Local Law Number 6.

This year I found a New Appreciation for running this Store for over 21 years. We are working on 3 Generations of Customers. You use to shop at my store in Webster, NY with your Dad. Then again as a Young Man, In Ontario, NY. And now you’re still coming in here with Your Family, In Canandaigua, NY well, that kind of loyalty hasn’t gone without notice. Thank you for you continued loyalty, and we wish you the very best in 2016.

Oh…And before I forget, we have a new addition to the Iron Mike Household. A new Puppy named Schotzie; she’s a Carolina Dog, from a farm in Georgia. She’s still a puppy so please ask before petting her….

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